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Teacher Reactions

In my classes the Foodhandlers program are heroes…over 98% of students took and passed the course! Thank you again for providing such a wonderful program that is accessible to students that could not ordinarily afford it. I printed out the e foodhandlers card like it was a reward and announced it to the class—they love it! I am hoping we can continue this program next year.

M A Adams
Florin High Culinary Program

I want you and your organization to know how much my class (and myself) appreciated the opportunity for my students to go through the program free. All but one of my students passed the program. Some needed more help than others, of course. But the joy on their faces when they got their certificate was incredible. When we cook in class they remind me of many of the things we learned. Of all of the class, I suspect that only a few of them will actually work as a food handler, but what an experience for all of them. Many special education students are so ingrained with what they cannot do, they are resistant to even trying "real" activities.

S Lake
SDC Teacher

The access to the materials in this training program had a tremendously positive impact on the depth of knowledge of my students. They were collectively the most knowledgeable group of students in terms of food safety that I have had come through my program in the 20+ years I have been teaching this curriculum. Numerous individuals used the certificates they received from this training to take into job applications with them to demonstrate to potential employers that they already possessed this required certificate before even applying—it certainly gave them an advantage over other applicants.

C Novello
Winters High School

I was impressed with the program and am thankful to be able to use it with my students!

S Hooten Family and Consumer Science Teacher
Centennial High School

Thank you so much for providing this free opportunity to school age youth.

D Miller Hunt
Ponderosa High School

Thank you for allowing students to access the program. It’s great. I have told so many teachers about it and they are thrilled to know students can do it for free!!


Thank you so very much for all of your help. eFoodHandlers has made a huge difference in the lives of many of my students because they have been able to get jobs as a result of this program.

M Pruitt
Culinary Arts Teacher
Anytime School Instructor

I wanted to give a big Thank YOU for being able to have my students take this course! It was a HUGE success and my students were able to obtain a food handlers card and it was AMAZING to have that resource available to them! Thank you!!

E Cowdrey
Riverbank k12

My students have been so excited about passing thier tests and I really wanted to make sure they got their certificate before graduation! Your program is awesome and has helped many of my students gain employment and feel a sense of confidence when they go into an interview. Good luck.

D Williams

This has been awesome for my students! They loved it!

L Williams

It has been an awesome experience using the eFoodhandler site and materials to teach students about food safety this year. The district is very happy (several students have gone to job interviews to be scheduled for the first day during the interview when they pull their certification card out!) and wants to continue the unit of study.

E Buckel
Family and Consumer Science Teacher
Iroquois Jr. Sr. High School

We appreciate your organizations generosity. The Food Handlers Cards really help our students get momentum in the workplace. Thanks again,

J Bettencourt
Academic Site Coordinator
Cuesta College Successful Launch

We love your program, and in our area, it is so valuable to our students, and has been the determining factor for employers when making a hiring decision. Some of our employers, will not hire without having the food handlers certification.

L Riggle
CTE Coordinator
WorkAbility I Director